The Weekend Cometh

The Weekend Cometh

Here in Pacific Standard Time we’re only nine workday hours away from the best time of the week. The END!

I’m not entirely sure why but lunch break continues to be my favorite part of the workday. Back in grade school we could hardly wait to close our textbooks, put our #2 lead pencils down, grab the brown bag or lunch money and flee from the classroom as if the cloakroom were on fire. Yes, we had “cloakrooms” in each classroom even though I don’t recall any of my fellow students ever sashaying in the door wearing a cloak at Woodrow Wilson Elementary. I digress.

There’s something magically delightful about pressing the pause button on whatever you’re required to do—in order to step away for refreshment.

The weekend is like that. A school bell rings somewhere in our distant memory and we put the pause button on once again. Even if the 48 hours to follow includes driving the team to soccer or doing 10 loads of laundry or raking up 10 piles of backyard leaves or hauling in 10 bags of groceries. All of life requires maintenance, planning and prep-work, upkeep and supply replenishment. But one of the perks of the weekend is that we are free to choose our own wardrobe. For me that includes jeans. And this pair is going on in less than nine hours. These jeans may take me to a coffee house with a friend, will definitely take me to fill up the gas tank and we will see have to see how the rest unfolds. The countdown has begun and surely the weekend cometh!

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