Let There Be Light

Water and sunlight—the two essential ingredients that must be present for a rainbow to become visible. Sunlight refracting through droplets of moisture cause an astonishing arc of color. After all, there are no displays of brilliant color in the dark. Ah, glorious color! And the power of light. When the lights go out, when the sun sets and all is dark, the color hasn’t gone away, our eyes just no longer perceive it.

But its still there.

Nightfall conceals the brilliant hues and our human eyes (and hearts) need the light to perceive it. A very powerful thought.

An elementary school principal once told me, in regards to displaying the children’s artwork, that their paintings would appear more vivid when framed in black. There’s just something about the contrast and I cannot pretend to understand color and light theory but I am intrigued by it.

I’m feeling reflective today because the weatherman has forecasted more rain over the next few days.“Into each life a little rain must fall,” so they say.

We don’t need to curse the darkness but can come to appreciate that the darkness has a time and place. And in every 24 hours it is only given so much space. And much of it we’re sound asleep (if we’re lucky!) and hopefully having dreams in living color. No, life is not all sunshine and rainbows and no one expects it to be . . . except a child.

And yes, I realize I posted a cabbage photograph and not a rainbow. LOL! No further explanations will be offered!

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