So you think you can dance

I have a dear friend whose husband admittedly has ADD. He’s the best natured guy and the most generous guy; he laughs a lot and makes others laugh; compassionate to the needs of the downtrodden. He runs a successful company and has even casually said that’s a miracle; perhaps because of the ADD. But, here and there, you will find that he is very deep, and very full of knowledge and wisdom.

On the other hand, I once knew a musician, a girl who could sing like an angel, play guitar, dance like a house on fire, she was beautiful, fit, and she knew it. It seemed like at every opportunity she would seize the moment and impress us with all her gifts and abilities— as if tap dancing while playing concert violin and singing opera concurrently.

She was clearly a wow! No one doubted it. But at some point it began to dawn on those around her that the talent was the bulk of this young woman’s repertoire. Where was the depth? Where was the personable character and the warmth towards others? At some point it became clear that her substance was more about “show.“

Returning to the friend I mentioned previously one time I did a small favor, nothing that put me out, something that was within my skill set that I was happy to do. End of story. But it wasn’t. To express their family’s appreciation, this friend asked me for a prioritized list of potential repairs that needed to be done at my place. Something as simple as a door knob being replaced, a sink that now drained and a new screen door resulted in extreme joy on my part!

I love to enjoy the talents that people have been given. Seeing people operate in their strengths is inspiring. But give me the real deal any day. Surround yourself with the real deal when at all possible. And, when you yourself are ready to get real, think about how you, just by being the real you, can impact, move, support other people. It makes the world go ‘round.

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