The Instantaneous Smile

Who makes you smile just at the thought of them?

Grandma Cary is gone now but I smile when I remember the time we drove out to see her on Sunday. She took me with her to the nearby grocery store to pick up a few things that she needed. That woman walked so fast when she was on a mission and as a kid I had a hard time keeping up with her. She always kept a list so we went up and down the store aisles while she checked each item off. At the register I recall that she picked up one of those checkstand impulse buys. Grandma always had a roll of “Certs” in her purse. Like a mashup of Lifesavers candy and a TicTac. For whatever reason the advertisers used the slogan, “with a golden drop of Retzen.” What on earth was Retzen? Anyway, those little quasi candy/breathmints were tasty and I suddenly HAD to have one. So at the very moment she had paid the cashier and was dropping her new roll of Certs into her purse I sweetly asked if I could have one.

Do you know what she did? Even in that early stage of my youth her response had a profound effect on me and I continue to think of it to this day. She didn’t say yes. She didn’t say, “No Jodianne” (because that’s what she alone called me). She simply smiled and placed the entire roll into my little hand. Instantaneous generosity. Unplanned unscripted giving. An Insta act out of her love for me. Now THAT makes me smile.

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