A Time To . . .

There never seems to be enough time in a weekday to get it all done. When you’re working a job, raising a family, building a business – whatever your “or” is, there always seems to be more to get done than there are hours to accomplish it in.

Then along comes the weekend. Cue the visions of sleeping in, drinking coffee in bed, wearing PJs till noon. Reality instead might mean hockey practice for the kid, oil change for the car. Somewhere in the precious few hours of forty-eight we’ll fill the gas tank and the grocery cart, the laundry basket and the dog food bowl. Trying our best to re-fill what the work week has depleted.

As for me, I may choose to fill my weekend mind with Netflix and my cereal bowl with pork rinds. Or my hungry soul with Shakespearean sonnets and my winter-worn garden with fresh spring bulbs. Or I might spend my extended PJ time in this very chair. When relaxing just there while I write and pray and dream. Filling my mind with wandering thoughts of travel, books I’d like to read, recipes I’d like to try. Just dreaming with my eyes open like Mel Robbins recently posted, “The best dreams happen when you’re awake.” I like that! No, I LOVE that!

It all comes back to time . . . “To everything there’s a season and a TIME to every purpose under heaven.” Take time to dream, for heaven’s sake – and for your’s! Today’s dream might never come to be if you don’t take time to dream it.

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