Try On A New Dream

I look like a nice enough person and I suppose I am. Nice enough to be helpful to those I encounter day to day. Nice enough to donate cash-redeemable plastics to the maintenance woman at the office. Nice enough to part with a little coin now and then for refugee education. Even nice enough to give platelets on occasion to a handful of people I’ve never met.

There’s just something right now, something I’ve yet to define, that is whispering, “nice enough is no longer enough.” Like a jacket that’s been outgrown. It still keeps you warm but has grown too small.

It’s still early days in 2019 and I sense something is ripe for change. My sister likes to post a CS Lewis quote for her friends’ birthdays that is truer than true: “ you are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.“ Maybe that’s what I’ve been sensing. That it’s time to dream a new dream.

Don’t get me wrong, nice enough has served me well. Nice enough will be still be there, waiting in the wings. But for now I’m going to try on a new garment called “dreamer” and see where it leads. Are you with me?

7 thoughts on “Try On A New Dream

  1. Jesus sees you and wants you to soar. He sees the significant you. Go boldly with Him. Do not be held back. Like he calls Nethanael in John 1:47.


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