Box of Branches

I don’t think anyone can grow unless he’s loved exactly as he is now, appreciated for what he is rather than what he will be.

Mister Rogers

Is there someone in your life that really “gets” you?

Surprisingly the “one” that really gets you may not always be your significant other. It might instead be an old grade-school friend or your brother from another mother. Perhaps a cherished four legged friend who seems more like a soulmate than do some of the humans you hang out with.

There’s an overwhelming sense of human completeness when we feel that another living being truly sees us and loves us because of who we are. Not “in spite of.” And it’s on a surpassing level when no words need to be exchanged. A look between two. A look that only deepens the bond that is shared.

After my evening drive home in the usual rush hour traffic on this Valentines Day I was pleasantly surprised to find a pretty good sized box on my doorstep. The return address label revealed who had sent it, bringing a warm smile to my face. When I opened it up I got choked up. There was a box full of branches from the California Laurel trees that grow wild in the Central Coast area of California. From someone who knows. From someone who gets me and what makes my heart happy.

There was candy and a card and a few other things that were so unique to my particular interests as well. So thoughtful. So entirely unexpected and greatly appreciated.

We all long for a Significant Other who knows just what we like and knows just what makes us cry when no one else is looking. We are loved after all. By Someone who knows us better than we know ourselves and loves us because of who we are not in spite of.

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