Take a Seat

“Take a seat,” they say to you.

Simple enough. Those words are said to us and used by us on a pretty regular basis. Three words that convey unique and particular meaning based on the current environment and what’s happening in the moment.

Are you at a performance venue staring at your ticket numbers when approached by a helpful usher? Are you in a bustling new restaurant finally being led to your table? Perhaps invited to your new in-law’s house for the first time? How about entering the HR office for a final interview of a job you desperately need?

Then there’s this, why is some news better delivered sitting down? Imagine yourself in a hospital waiting room the moment the doctor emerges from surgery and is now headed your way. Take a seat. Please.

It isn’t just the words. It never is. That’s the beautiful thing about them. It’s the setting, the circumstance, our frame of mind – including what we do or do not want to hear.

Just something to think about. Wisely used, only three simple words can become the greatest gift we can receive.

It’s OK now.

I love you.

Take a seat.

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