Shining Star

He was a sunshine kid but I’d never met him. I went to his funeral because his dad was a professor at the University and one of his brothers teaches there too.

Never had I been to a funeral at a country club. We parked blocks away, walking with throngs of people through the nearby neighborhood because this sorrowful event was as well attended as one for Hollywood star.

Never have I witnessed a mother, father, brothers, and sister each verbalize their immensely deep love for a son and sibling like this. Each succeeding family member’s words were more poignant than the previous. One of the brothers, bringing his guitar with him to the front of the room told us, “this probably isn’t a good idea for many reasons,” then sang his heart out with incredible emotion. Someone in the extremely crowded room fainted.

The officiating pastor said that Chandler lived to jump off any and every thing that appeared to be a death defying challenge. He rode BMX. And though his parents feared this passion would someday claim him, he was hit by a car while riding his bike to his job. He lingered but never recovered. Rest In Peace. You were deeply loved and clearly were the brightest of stars.

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