But the Birds

The pandemic continues worldwide. Every human soul has been affected in one way or another, regardless of political affiliation or none, losing someone to Covid or minimizing its existence, embracing or resisting masking requirements, being laid off or working increased hours to keep up with demand, volunteering at food lines or waiting for hours in one.

There aren’t just two sides. Personal views are expressed in every conceivable shade between black and white. Every possible variety of opinion and nuanced theory imaginable is offered as we try to explain it, cope with it or deny it. We worry. We find ourselves either drawing closer to or perhaps further from those who align most closely or stray the furthest from our own worldview.

But the birds . . . in my corner of the world, throughout the day, they still regularly visit the neighbor’s heavily loaded bird feeder then drink and bathe in my garden fountain. Birdwatching is trending now, don’t you know. The Audubon society is onto something that Jesus himself said long ago, “Look to the birds of the air…”

Ask Siri to take you to the full passage for further reading if you like. These words were spoken in context of concern for daily provision and the futility of worry. Not in a happy slappy, “don’t worry be happy” way but in speaking the very real truth that worry eats away at the one who is trapped by it. Worry doesn’t change a thing. It changes us and not in a good way.

Look to the birds, He said . . .