Just Get Out

A sister of mine is an excellent shopper. She truly does excel at this. High-value-for-minimal-price excels at it. I have been a frequent and regular recipient of this most excellent ability of hers. Thank You God!

Recently, while doing a re-org out in the garage, a large black garbage bag, contents unknown, kept winking at me. Kept begging me to unknot it and check its contents. I thought it was a forgotten bag of stuff that had been set aside for the local Salvation Army store.

But no. It contained a beautifully patterned Ralph Lauren comforter set that had been gifted to me by the bestest shopper I know. Contained in a dusty old trash bag out in the garage. Filling no purpose just (follow me now) existing in a dark space. Contained. In the dark. Unused and unappreciated.

Hmmm. I’m thinking that this “state of being” can happen way too easily to more animate objects. Not objects at all but to us folks. Did somebody shelf you? Put you in cold storage or otherwise bag you up so you’re out of commission and out of sight? Did you climb in the black bag and, in Houdini-like fashion, tie the knot tightly with your own two hands?

Oh what a waste of a valuable life that was designed to cover others and provide warmth! Get out of the premature grave that has almost succeeded at containing that bright spirit of yours. Get out! Get back into the light of day and into your intended purpose once again. Its never too late to start again. Never ever.

• • • •

I snapped this pic out in the garage after tearing open the trash bag. Doesn’t it look triumphant to be in the light of day after so long?

3 thoughts on “Just Get Out

      1. Thanks so much for letting me know about the glitch. You are the friend that lets you know your slip is showing and your tag has popped out of your neckline. A much needed voice. ♥️


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