Two In One

A book of English classics sits atop another of equal charm, possessing a bit more flash with its red and gold cover, it’s topic being a study of France.

Though different in subject these books have plenty in common. They both have pages made of paper that originally came from trees. Their sturdy covers protect the knowledge within. They both have content and research and an author who knew their subject matter. They are more alike than they are different.

Now I want to tell you about an everyday phenomenon that occurred in my weekend laundry routine because it was average and amazing at the same time.

An ordinary load of clothing went into the dryer, having been placed there one at a time by my own hand. When the cycle was done, in removing each individual item I noticed that two very similar black tops had managed to fit together as if they were one top with a matching lining. It was just such a, “what came first, the chicken or the egg” moment. Did one of them manage to get inside of the other one as they gently tossed together through the delicate cycle? Or did the other one envelop its counterpart as they went through the turbulence of the tumbling? Was it a coincidence that the exterior one was made of sturdier material?

Like a skull protects the mushy mass of brain, the strong protect and cover the delicate. Whether with muscle or resolve or strength of various forms, the strong have a high calling and that is to protect what is precious, what is valuable and beneficial.

The strong and the gentle, the cover and the contents—they each have a vital role to play and they are much more alike than they are different.

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