A Cup of Life

What’s the first thing you drink in morning?

For me it’s water first then coffee. Luckily I’m a long-time agua drinker and I love a tall glass to start the day. Almost like a breath, nearly automatically, I pour and drink because my body says it’s thirsty. So check, ✔️, got that done. I move on to the big guns. Caffeination. And I enjoy it in the first part of the day, before anyone or anything needs my attention. Before I start thinking about the day that lies ahead. Coffee meets me in that quiet place where I start my day. It’s water that I’ll gulp down to quench my thirst, but never my coffee. Coffee is not about gulping and quenching, no not at all. Coffee is many things and in that magical morning moment it can be both the spring board that launches and the companion that has come for a ride-along.

While my coffee time is never as long as I’d like it to be, it isn’t rushed. For me it’s not a time to slam it back, gulp it down and run. Nope. Not in my morning routine. Ever. This is my time, with me and my cup, with me and my early-morning awakening thoughts. Several of the Scottish based novels written by George McDonald (a favorite of CS Lewis) include this descriptive phrase which has never left my mind, “He came to himself slowly as was his custom.“ It’s as if George McDonald himself has given us permission to gather our thoughts slowly as we “come to ourselves“ each morning. Morning, after all, is a re-birth of sorts where every day is as new as a fresh start; yet another opportunity to lead life in a way that brings joy, the way it was designed to be lived.

So, if I may ask, what fills your cup? And what’s your unique process? Do you slam or savor? What if, in a perfect world, you had a perfect slice of time to go with that morning cup? How it might change the way you greet each day. How it might alter the way you face what the daylight brings. The coffee and the slice don’t change our day per se but they can change our thinking and outlook on it.

Get your brew on and join me for just a few minutes each day – wherever you are in the world, whatever time zone in your 24/7. Join me in a quiet place of reflection and relationship. What will you fill your cup with today?

https://DailyCuppaLife.com is a 365 day journey I’ve just begun. There’s an open invitation to join me whenever you can. This is a new challenge for a new year of writing and sharing day to day thoughts for all of 2019. There’ll be a weekly post added that you will only find here. Join me when you can and let’s share a cup. ❤️☕️❤️

5 thoughts on “A Cup of Life

  1. Can’t wait to read more…
    I follow in your footsteps,
    Fist water then coffee!
    I try to enjoy that cup of java for a few peaceful minutes before I rush out the door with that cup in my hand.. miss you!
    blessings and Hugs 🤗


    1. Thanks so much, keep coming back and if you should ever want to receive a cuppa in your inbox just send me that address on my Instagram DM or Facebook private message. Blessings! ☕️😘


  2. I’m so excited for your new venture here JoAnne! Excited for you and excited for us, your devoted readers!
    I wanted to respond to your question, to share with you…
    my life is in a state of flux as I adjust to change… “Abide” is my focus, Coffee With Jesus (CWJ) is my method, and mornings are my choice of time to have my CWJ. CWJ isn’t about checking off a task, its about spending time with Him reading His Word and communicating with Him about what He’s doing in my life or what He’s saying to me in His Word. I need to be fully awake for this so I have my CWJ after I’ve gotten showered and ready for my day but before I go in to the kitchen for sustenance. I need that spiritual sustenance first, but sometimes I do add a comforting cuppa hot, sweet milky tea to my CWJ… I’ve had to get up on time and get on with my business in order to enjoy a leisurely CWJ and still get off to work on time… its a balancing challenge but all worth it when I get to savor my CWJ time. This time fills my heart and mind with thoughts of Him and is key in filling me with the power and ability to meet the day with joy and grace.
    I look forward to reading your daily thoughts as well now!


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